About Us

main page 2Hello and thank you for visiting Puff Samosa Web Site! I feel very pleasant to share a little about us and a bit on the history of Uzbek Healthy Food.

My name is Abu Dawood and I along with my Mother, am the owner of Puff Samosa. We have commenced the business in the Fall of 2013.

The idea to start the Halal Uzbek Healthy Cuisine business grew out of our passion for Traditional Uzbek Food and the Healthy approach that Uzbek people have towards food they prepare and consume. We only use Halal ingredients in all stages of Food preparation, as this being the Main Concept for us.

Secondly, we continuously dedicate ourselves to all humane co-inhabitance with Mother Nature and all living beings. We support the cage free, free run eggs movement as well as fair trade policy for the products we serve including coffee. Hence, we exclusively use products registered with Fair Trade Canada. For us it’s more than just a life ethics. It’s a part of our conceptual attitude. We strive to perpetually rectify ourselves in that sense.

Before moving to a third of the concepts, that we try to maintain, let us dive into some of history. Traditionally we say Somsa in Uzbek language but to make it easier for people to understand, here in Canada, we decided to make the second part of business name – Samosa and first part being Puff – came out of Uzbek tradition to bake Samosas from puff pastry – as opposed to deep frying, as being done in the most parts of the Globe. That’s being said, we’re since known as Puff Samosa! The samosa is claimed to have originated in Central Asia, where we are from.

Third, important concept we stick to – using only best quality, clean local ingredients to satisfy the needs of health-savvy gourmet and aficionados. We challenged ourselves to catch two birds with a single shot, namely, we don’t compromise on the real taste of Uzbek Authentic Cuisine and yet evolve to healthy everything preparation style. Our food is cooked, portioned and made-to-order fresh every day on Extra Virgin Olive Oil. That’s said, we constantly target the strategy – wholesome ready-made food with spellbinding taste!

We are very fortunate to realize that our clientele can be delighted with every morsel of food prepared by Puff Samosa. We are sincerely thankful to all people who help us from their hearts.